About PiF

What is PiF?
PiF (Pay it Forward) is a micro business plan launched by the Community Builders International Network of organisations in 1990 (read more at www.communitybuilders.ca). PiF forms part of the Sustainable Villages Initiative.

Where has PiF operated so far?
PiF has provided funds for micro business grants to participants in Burundi, DR Congo, Haiti, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

What is the Mission and Vision of PiF?
PiF's mission is to enable participants living in communities with severe challenges to chronic poverty to achieve wellness and self-sufficiency. PiF has a vision to expand its efforts globally without losing its decentralized focus.

What kind of micro businesses have been started by PiF participants?
PiF participants have used grants to create a wide range of micro business including: piggeries, small tailoring shops, kiosk pharmacies, small fish farms, mini grocery stores, community grinding mills, small dairy farms, fertilizer enhancement projects, internet cafes and chicken farms.

What is the advantage of PiF over typical micro credit initiatives?
PiF understands that people in communities of extreme poverty are naturally inclined to pay grants "forward" to friends and family members in their own social networks, instead of pay-back schemes which demand that participants repay loans to development institutions or micro credit banks.

Does PiF charge interest or demand collateral?
No, PiF charges no interest and secures no collateral for its micro business grants.

How are PiF grants paid forward?
PiF micro business grants are paid forward voluntarily and naturally to local PiF funds which are then paid forward to new participants.

How much is a PiF Grant?
An entry-level PiF grant is $100. Further grants can be offered to successful entry-level participants for higher amounts to start medium level businesses.

What is a PiF coach?
A PiF coach is a person who lives in the same country as a PiF participant and can offer assistance to start a business.

How do I donate to a PiF participant?
Select Browse Businesses, find a PiF participant and send money through the crowd funding link as instructed.

How much of my donation goes to start a PiF business?
100% of your donation goes to the person you selected to help start a PiF micro business.

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