CBO Start Ups

What is a CBO?
A CBO is a community based organisation, created by PiF participants in any global neighbourhood, dedicated to the Sustainable Villages Initiatives.

How does a CBO fit with the PiF plan?
A CBO can grow out of one or more successful micro businesses which naturally form a group of like-minded people, getting together to start a local organisation which helps their whole community.

How is a CBO created?
CBOs are created when founding members write a constitution and register their organisation with the governmental bodies in their country. Normally, a CBO has a mission and vision statement, values, a bank account and a detailed plan to support people of extreme poverty in local communities.

What can a CBO do?
A CBO can help reduce systemic problems such as under-five mortality, maternal death and untreated diseases. CBOs are also helpful to launch community collectives such as neighbourhood pharmacies and clinics, grinding mills, clean water programs, well development, irrigation projects and agricultural and fishing co-operatives.
How can a CBO get support locally and internationally?
A CBO can learn how to ask for grants locally and internationally. CBOs can also use social media tools such as Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Flikr, Indiegogo, and many others, to make friends anywhere in the world and tell others about their work and goals. 

How can a CBO become self-sufficient?
A CBO can start an enterprising non profit business (ENP) and use the profits to make a CBO sustainable.

How can I apply to start a CBO?
If you have achieved success with a PiF micro business, click HERE to talk to a CBO development coach in your area.

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