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The Sustainable Villages Initiative (SVI) is a global network of rural organizations committed to bottom-up development in regions with extreme social challenges. SVI promotes self-sufficiency and wellness through a focus on clean water, health services and capital grants for small business development.


Community-based organizations (CBOs) are locally-registered non-profits, governed by village members. CBOs are launched with SVIs five-step start-up process and eventually receive grants to create self-sustaining small businesses and local medical and water initiatives.


Enterprising non-profits (ENPs) are small business initiatives that help CBOs to become self-sufficient. ENPs receive capital grants to start agricultural and other business. The original capital is paid forward from business profits in order to support other CBOs in nearby areas.
Sustainable Villages Initiative
Self-sufficient community development since 1988.

SVI is sponsored by the Anhart Foundation
and the Community Builders International
Network of organizations